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The Urban dictionary defines street life as living on the streets and struggling to survive, often used loosely by white kids living in bubbles and think that it’s “cool”, a joke. Street life in this definition is connected to Hip-Hop Culture, and or gangs the graffiti where many people use drugs and are desperate for money.

Yes, but street life is far more than this, street life is all what happens on the street, the street obviously being universal – and what happens on the streets across many cultures varies hugely, even in different parts of the same city. The street is shared by most, it can be a melting pot and this is where the attraction lies, we can observe that which is foreign to us.

Looking through the trash bins of second-hand clothes shops in Berlin, I always managed to find some tank top or hoodie I wanted to wear with pride for a few euros. Then one day, I was in New York for a job and saw in a shop window a pair of torn army trousers favoured by tribes in Berlin selling for $ 2,000 …. it looked super ridiculous, trying to imitate a style that for some reason is considered cool, cool why? The answer is of course complicated.

I always wanted to create a range of T-shirts to wear instead of buying those that other people made, I consider each T-shirt a statement: how it is made, who wears it, where one wears it, when, who sells it, etc. I once bought 3 1$ T-shirts from the pavement I wore until they fell apart.

Of course, we are not our clothes, but we use our clothes to show other people in the street what our aspirations are, even if we do this unconsciously. That we do that, I believe, is linked to our beliefs but also our vulnerabilities – the idea around which TRASH was built.
TRASH is the clothes I want to wear in the street.



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